Let’s Visit Bromo with Bromo Tour Package With Recomended Travel Agencies

Let’s Visit Bromo with Bromo Tour Package With Recomended Travel Agencies. If you feel bored with your daily activites, let’s go to East Java as it has many tourist attractions, like Telaga Sarangan, Sempu Island, Plengkung Beach, Bromo Mountains, and Kelud Mountain. One of those places that attract tourists is Mount Bromo. The moment of sunrise there becomes tourists’ favorite thing to see. With Bromo tour package, you can enjoy the magnificence of Bromo. You should go to the favourite places like Savana Grassland, Teletubies Hill, Mentigen Hill, and Bromo Milky Way.

Let’s Visit Bromo with Bromo Tour Package

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Firstly, Savana Grassland is located on the south east of Mount Bromo; sited on a green valley which is surrounded by some cliffs and small mountains. This is very large grassland, so if you come to Savana, you will not feel the atmosphere of Bromo. You must walk towards arid roads to go to the grassland. However, when you has already arrived, you will be given a fantastic view. This is located in Jemplang valley. You can choose the easiest way to reach Savana by motorcycle via Malang or Lumajang district. Secondly, Mentigen Hill is a sunrise spot view. Mentigen is not far from homestay or hotel because you can reach it by walking. Besides Savana and Mentigen, Bromo tour package with bromosemerutrekking.com will bring you to Teletubies Hill as well. As the name, when you see this hill, you feel like in Teletubies film.

Moreover at night, you can enjoy Bromo Milky Way. This place is compatible with photography because there are stars which shine beautifully at night. The best time to visit Milky Way is when it is completely dark and without cloudy sky. You can also feel fresh air there and capture every moment on those places. Therefore, let’s visit Bromo for the next holiday with Bromo tour package and refresh your mind from city’s hustle and bustle.

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