Route Toward Penanjakan 1 On Mount Bromo

Route Toward Penanjakan 1 On Mount Bromo. Do you want to go to Penanjakan 1 Gunung Bromo? and was figuring out the route of the road to Penanjakan Gunung Bromo? Penanjakan 1 Mount Bromo is the main purpose of Bromo tour, not to Bromo its name if you have not to Penanjakan 1.

What’s on the 1 Mount Bromo climb?

Here you can see the beauty of the extraordinary sunrise, the 1st penanjakan 1 also often called “view point 1”. Penanjakan 1 is the first destination you will visit, if the tour to Mount Bromo by using Jeep Bromo. Surely in the early hours of the day, you have to leave using Jeep Bromo.

Route Toward Penanjakan 1 On Mount Bromo

Route Toward Penanjakan 1 On Mount Bromo.

To arrive at 1, there are various routes from various directions that you can take.

From Pasuruan via Tosari and Purwodadi.

One of the path to the peak climb 1 mountain bromo is pretty much in the pass by the visitors. Especially, if you stay at a hotel that is around the city of Pasuruan.

From Malang through Tumpang.

The second line is through Tumbang Village, not many visitors use this path. One of the main factors is, because access is less supportive.

From Probolinggo via Cemoro Lawang.

The third path you can pass is through the city of Probolinggo, which also passes through the village of Cemoro Lawang. The path through Probolinggo city is the most popular, because its access is the easiest. In addition to easy, visitors will have the opportunity to see the scenery of the slopes of Mount Bromo.

The route through Probolinggo is the main one, by passing this line, you can find many hotels, homestays, inns, villas to stay.

The route to 1 bromo ride can only be accessed by jeep4WD, to rent this vehicle is easy enough that by ordering via the online site one of them

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