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4 Lessons From the Journey to Ijen Crater Banyuwangi

4 Lessons From the Journey to Ijen Crater Banyuwangi. Near and far, simple and luxurious, I think each trip has its own meaning and lesson. A trip to visit the Ijen Crater located in the east of the island of Java, as if teaching me to come back to know myself never to underestimate nature.

My Notes On My Vacation To Mount ijen

1. Every Different Place: Have the Privileges, as well as Each Risk

I think, visiting the Ijen Crater, just like visiting other tourist mountains. Call it Mount Merapi, tourism White Crater, Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Sikunir peak, or Mount Bromo. There is no need for excessive effort to climb a step by step with a happy face, while occasionally doing selfie-wefie-famfie, etc. My friend even said, there was no meaningful trekking.

“It’s only two hours, really. After that, arrive. “

Moreover, the local coffee sellers also said the same thing. “Ah, near that, Ma’am. The track is also clear. “

The memory of having touched the mountain several times seemed to make me consider every place: the same. But it turns out, all the trivial assumptions are enough to cause chaos when climbing. The first fifteen minutes, my breath gasped. Signals that signal, something is wrong with the body. I close a thick jacket, and also gloves and socks that wrap tightly around the body. I assume; most because of the cold temperature.

2. Whatever the field, Preparation is still needed

A damp smell filled the air. Drizzle made me and other groups worry. Will it be cold tonight, considering we don’t have a place to stay overnight, other than an elf car with just a few seats?

But apparently, worries can be immediately dismissed, because I am actually slacking, a pair of socks and gloves that I carry with me, because they are prepared suddenly, it doesn’t need a coating friend. I, who underestimated that this trip must have taken place safely, made a fatal mistake afterwards: not getting enough sleep, no breakfast, and only eating a bowl of instant noodles at night. Not to mention, when the trip departed, the condition of the body was apparently reluctant to be invited to compromise.

Seeing the famous blue fire is splashing beautifully — making my imagination frightened when I travel. The problem is, because of an impromptu, I haven’t had time to browse — check the location. While intermittently I was busy resting frantically, a bunch of Caucasians behind me followed, then casually climbed while wearing sleeveless shirts.

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4 Lessons From the Journey to Ijen Crater Banyuwangi

3. The Journey Will Introduce You To Various Original Types of People: Know, Don’t Judge
Ijen crater

Impatiently, my group began to leave one by one. Before climbing, we were indeed divided into several groups. I suddenly had to go to the bathroom – especially in the situation of toilets lining up – also had to be willing to be left behind and be the last group. However, the 30-minute period had not yet expired, the concept of rombong-merombong, group-grouping, disbanded. We previously did not know each other scattered. Some are impatient and then ride alone or together. Some are left behind, like me, some are saviors by waiting for the left behind, then go up together. I myself resigned. After all, I don’t know very well either.

Some friends — who happen to be pedestrians — once said: “if you want to know the real character of a person, who the person really is, invite him up the mountain.”

An expression that is already judgmental indeed. Because, in my opinion, there are many reasons that cause a person to be in that condition. Maybe, they have deadlines, some kind of time target for achievement to conquer themselves. Perhaps, in them there was a passionate desire to reach the top. Or maybe, their running speed is yes, indeed it’s from that fast. So I sincerely just saw one by one the group began to leave. In fact, I recommend that they leave me, because it is absurd not to have the heart to have to let them follow me.

But with the songs from the group, track me one by one. Some friends, whom I knew suddenly, patiently waited for me. Some are guiding, slowly. As a result, it’s so bad, I’m busy checking the time. I intermittently asked the hour, then immediately panicked as the clock pointed to the number four in the morning, even though (he said) was only halfway. Be busy I apologize, then sometimes drive out good-hearted volunteers from the busy time waiting to walk first, see the blue fire that is supposed to be only two places in the world: Iceland and Banyuwangi, Indonesia. Anticipate in case time is not possible and finally they fail to arrive on time.

4. Whatever the condition, there are always ways to make yourself motivated

At five o clock past ten minutes  I panicked even more. The person who is with me, only one person lives. The rest disappears. Soon, a sulfur carrier walked parallel. Idly, I asked about how far the trip was. “Wow, how come you will be here soon, Ma’am. Fifteen to half an hour, “he said lightly.

“Oh,” I answered shortly, as short as possible, then suddenly cursed at my foolishness which had principle: no longer asked the local people. The answer is definitely “close”, “in a moment”, even though it can not be far away.

But my pessimism suddenly lost when I asked the sulfur transporter about the weight of sulfur he usually carried. “It’s only thirty kilos, Ma’am. Usually, it can be sixty to eighty kilos, “he said casually.

I was immediately shocked. Thirty kilos is equivalent to the weight of my little sister two years ago. In a day, they can go back and forth, up and down up to 3-4 times. Therefore, I was motivated to walk quickly. As soon as possible to reach ijen blue flame. My recomendation travel agencies to handle your trip is https://kawahijentour.com/ . Don’t waste your time or money to arrange trip to mount ijen by your own. Except you have a lot of time to book transportation , accomodation and all you need things .